And a new countdown begins…

Well…school is finished. I hope to hold my Associate’s degree soon. It has been a year and a half in the making, and now I am eager to go forward and get my AAPC certification to go with my CBCS certification.

Things are packed for the most part. It is hard to believe I was able to reduce 5 years into a half dozen boxes. Ticket for bus ride has been bought. Going over last minute things in my mind…and then writing them down so I won’t forget.

Keeping up with study habits as I go through courses from I’m also doing an e_course on learning to blog…who knows? Maybe I’ll be well known one day…lol.

But all in all…I’m uprooting my life once again with the hopes that this will be the last time. My start date is October 26th…so only seven weeks from tomorrow. I have a to-do bag filled with books and word searches, and even a knitting project. Of course I will have my tablet and phone. It isn’t likely that I will be bored very much at all. Then there is always a nap to take as well.

Texas to Michigan. A 42 hour bus ride. If ever there was a time for new beginnings, this is it.


Hump Day!

Or, it’s all downhill from here! LOL. Not really. But the end of my externship is Friday. I have just a few hours, then I go to the school and have my exit interview/program sign-offs, and my application for graduation…then WOOT! WOOT! Free at last!

All that remains of my journey in Texas is getting my last few boxes shipped, buying my ticket (doing that tomorrow!) and packing my bags. Of course, that will take a few weeks to accomplish, but I am well on my way.

I’ve already put out several resumes, and have gotten in touch with the AAPC Chapter that I hope to belong to before the end of the year. So, all in all, a very busy and successful time for me.

I will hate moving so far, and as far as starting over…I can only hope that this will be the LAST TIME. I feel confident and secure, and am ready for the change. I’m a different person from when I left Michigan in 2012, and I think, perhaps maybe a better person. I am certainly a little bit older; and God-willing, a little more mature (we’ll see! HAHA).

Hump Day…what a funny way to describe the middle of things. I guess you could say that I’m at the Hump Day of my life…being 51 puts a new perspective on things (accckkk!!!). I have less time to do things and get things accomplished. Bucket lists have crossed my mind more than once. And there aren’t as many chapters left as I would like in my life. But, it is my hope that the best is yet to come!


Last week…then what?

This is my last week of externship. Where did this month go? Not exactly sure, but for thinking school would NEVER end, it is finally here!

My grandson started first grade this morning. He wasn’t very excited to wake up, but then again his momma isn’t either…LOL. After washing up and changing clothes, and then 1 1/2 pieces of toast with peanut butter, he was ready to go. Mom and Dad both took him, and he was busy with his nose in the phone as they headed out. I finished dressing and had a cup of coffee, then off to the office I went.

The morning has been looking at applications (filled out another one) and enrolling in an online study course. I also have been reading the AAPC magazine and seeing the changes that are coming up in 2018 in the coding world.

Just as my grandson is readjusting to going back to school, I have to readjust myself from being a student to being an employee. I am working, but it isn’t in my field of study; it is what you call a “survival job” (one you get to pay the bills until you get the job you actually studied for). There are things I will miss as a student; but one has to leave the nest and protection some time. I am really excited about my new adventure coming up, and look forward to the challenges that wait for me. I’ve already been called by Munson Medical Center, and hope to hear from them again soon.

Treading Water No Longer…

Well, another chapter of my life is about to end. All in all, I am pretty proud of it. Finishing school (an AAS in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding), getting my NHA certification as a Billing/Coding Specialist, making the decision to move back to Michigan – yeah, it’s time.

I’ve made some wonderful friends in school, and truly I couldn’t have done it without them! Angela, Karina, Russia, Hartless, and my partner in crime – T (Teresa). And a shout-out to my instructors: Ms. G, Ms. Wildcat, Ms. Lee, Mr. Harpster….I’m sure I probably drove you to distraction at times :-)! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Come September 1st, I will be a student no longer. I’ll be working one job, and using that to make the transition to head home to Michigan.

My kids are grown, and for the most part well adjusted. Even two of my grand-babies will be starting school shortly (Kindergarten and 1st grade (When did THAT happen???!!). My job of worrying is over – for the most part, anyway, but I will always have the job of loving, caring, and even praying for them all. And there is always Skype for those MOMMY and GRAMMY moments.

I’ve made some friends along the way: especially Hailey. Love Ya! It will be hard to leave, but that is also part of life, it seems.

Time for me, now. I am a little nervous, but more than that, I am excited and eager to begin this next chapter of my life. I cannot wait to see my folks, and my sisters, and some of the friends left behind from back in 2012.

Yeah, I’m ready. Looking forward to next chapter!