Update for March 2016

Well, I did it…I’m officially in school now. I am going for an Associates of Applied Science in the field of Medical Coding and Billing. I am excited about it for sure. A lot of terms to memorize, but it feels good to be back in school again! I go to school Monday through Thursday, from 8am to 1pm. At least I have a three day weekend! But I am sure I will be doing a lot of studying as well.

Arika, my oldest daughter is going to a different school to get her CNA certification. She starts April 4th. My grandson Mason starts kindergarten August 22. Cannot believe he is old enough to start school! That sure brings back memories of when I first saw my children start school! Time sure has a way of flying, that’s for sure.

Other news – I had my medical check up done on the 9th. I also had an EKG done in the office, and now I have an appointment with the cardiologist on the 22nd of the month. I had a woman’s checkup done on the 16th, and get “squished” on the 30th…Dadgummed expiring warranties!

Writing, and reviewing and having a good time on my other site, at Writing.Com. It is a fun place to be. I am working on becoming more organized, so I spend my time on both sites, but to be honest, this one has gotten away from me a bit. All I can do is try a little harder.

I love writing here, and I’ll try to make more time for it. I will also be working on recipes and the like for the other tabs here. Good thing that I don’t have an outside job yet…LOL…***groan***


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School is on the horizon

Yup, you heard right! Not only is my grandson starting kindergarten this fall, but my daughter and I are both going to school. She is starting out with getting her CNA, and I am going to be working on an Associates in Medical Coding/Billing. I am excited about it for all of us.

I have to laugh, as I remember all too well how I felt about my kids starting school. Now my grandchild is starting school! OMG, Where has the time flown? The transition from “little boy” to “big boy” is startling. My daughter is tripping out a little bit, for sure. But I am sure that will pass, as each step of growing up must come.

What will school hold for us? Time will tell. For my daughter, she wants to use this as a stepping stone to more medical training. For me, at least the illusion of independence, and the ability to help contribute to the household. For my grandson, the horizon is wide open – the possibilities are up to him.

So onward and forward for each of us. I start in a couple of weeks. My daughter starts the beginning of April, and August 22 marks the end of being a “little boy” for my grandson. It’s hard to believe. So I plan to enjoy this summer with my “sweetie boy” with all the gusto I can manage, for the ticking clock slows for no one. The memories of that time I plan to shore up in my mind, and I’m sure I will catch myself saying, “Remember when…”



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So this is what is going on…

Just dropping by again to check in. No, I haven’t died (although lately, I’ve felt like death warmed over – damn winter cold!). I’ve been busy writing my heart out on my other writing site over at Writing.com. The link to my other shenanigans are here:


Anyway, I just perusing my Pinterest site. I am an addict, albeit a recovering one. I am up to 64 “boards” and just about 5,000 individual “pins” (told you I was recovering). Anyway, I found a really cool way to “refill” plug-in warmers without spending a major fortune on the refills from the store. I decided to follow her blog, and I think I’ve found a new friend in the home-made goodies department :-).


Going to go for now!  Until next time!


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What is it going to take?

What will it take for people to realize that the gun laws are not working? Love guns, hate guns, whatever your position, the laws and regulations are not working.

When police have to disarm someone at a major sporting event, when Texas citizens are allowed open carry now, when schools have to invest or consider investing in metal detectors, when is enough enough?

Banning guns isn’t the answer, but surely there has to be a modicum of common sense involved when someone registers to get a gun permit. Surely the need for automatic weapons aren’t a real necessity, unless there is illegal business to be done (outside of the military, that is – but one can of worms at a time, please).

Making home made guns and technical plans to change semi and non automatic guns into automatic weapons can be found via the Internet. Is there any place for sanity anymore?

The statistics can be skewed any way you want. But tell a grieving parent, or child, or loved one about statistics.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This is what the Second Amendment says. It doesn’t say that any Tom, Dick, or Harry (or Jane, Susan or Haley for that matter) can have a gun, just because. It says a WELL REGULATED MILITIA. The right of the people is referring to the STATE, not to the individual citizen (boy, is this going to score points).

I understand at the time, people used guns for hunting and providing for their households. I also understand that we as a society are not a “hunter-gatherer” collective for the most part anymore (outside a trip to the local grocery store). So why the need for guns, let alone a stockpile of them, and outside of a state regulated militia?

This argument will never be solved easily. But it seems to me that what is in place now doesn’t work. And it will continue to be an issue as long as people are killing each other in our schools, or anywhere else for that matter. It will continue to be an issue as long as “geniuses” are toting them to a sporting event.

Just my opinion.

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Writing is more than that…

It is occurring to me that writing is more than fun for me. It is more than just a passing phase, and it is quickly becoming my life. I do other things, but I’m becoming more and more content with writing. And not just my poetry, which is a big part of my writing, but I am also writing short stories, and have also ventured into writing for academic reasons. I plan on starting school this year, and actually finishing something that I will be starting.

I am excited about where 2016 will be taking me. The end of June will mark a new chapter in my life…the big 5-0! Instead of  being freaked out about it, I am embracing this new chapter. I’m not quite finished with 49, but I am planning on leaving it on a high note.

Where writing will fit into my life, or perhaps a better question is, where life will fit in with my writing?  I have no idea. But I am excited to find out. There is so much I want to do, and that also includes a couple of self published books…which I am excited about doing. The New Year is only a couple of days old, and already I have a ton of plans for it.

So, I plan on keeping anyone who is interested updated, and will go on from here. If I haven’t already said so, Happy New Year, and may all of our lives be fulfilling and productive in the time to come.

Until next time…

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I’m not dead, I promise

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been doing other things, and have pretty much forgotten about this blog. Guess I should dust it off and see what kind of mischief I can get into. For other things I have been up to you can check it out at http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/a_nourse

I’m excited to see what the New Year brings. I can say that I’ve had a proposal. That was wild to say the least. I’m not sure what to do with it as yet, but I guess time will tell. My son-in-law got me an recumbent exercise bicycle for Christmas, and I very much enjoy it.

I have been doing a lot of sewing and crafting, so that has been fun. I even got a round loom set for Christmas and am attempting to make a fuzzy pair of socks…wish me luck! It’s not hard, just a bit time consuming. I have my Llewellyn’s date book, and am very excited about that. I plan on delving a bit more into Wicca, and have a friend who practices it to talk to and ask question. Of course now, I need to add more inputs into this blog…ahh well, New Year, new goals, new things to do 🙂

Until next time…





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Loving my “sweetie boy”….

I am watching my four year old grandson today. Amazing how much he has grown. I first got to see and hold him when he was nine months old. In that time he has gone from baby to little boy, and he is a treasure to me. He loves Angry Birds, and Lego blocks and monster trucks. It has been fun to watch his language develop, and his sunny outgoing personality. I also love it when he comes running to me and says “Grandma, Grandma!”

That’s not to say he’s always an angel…there are demon horns holding up that halo, for sure. He can get frustrated if he’s not understood. If a video game is a little hard for him, he will get ornery. If Daddy takes away the phone, he’s not happy. But he is learning. He is starting to say “thank you” and FINALLY figuring out that the potty is not his enemy. (LOL)

Not always, but he tries to be helpful, even when it’s not really helpful. He tells mommy that he wants to go to work and earn “coins”, which I hope he’ll still want to do when he’s older. It’s hard to stay mad at him when he comes up and wants to snuggle or lay down with you.

I love my “sweetie boy” with all my heart. Even if I want to pull my hair out at times. He will always be my baby. My grandson. My heart.

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